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Hamilton Neurorehab & Balance Center


Phone: 406-285-8342

Fax:  406-846-5201

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:30PM


Closed for all major holidays


Established 2022



Jake Capko

-Physical Therapist

Benitz, Chelsea.jpg

Chelsea Benitz

-Occupational Therapist


Jackie Day

-Physical Therapist

-Board Certified Neurologic Specialist

Stafford, Taylor.jpg

Taylor Stafford

-Speech Language Pathologist

Moline, Jessica_edited.jpg

Jessica Moline

-Physical Therapist Assistant


Speech Therapy

The only interdisciplinary out-patient clinic dedicated to neurorehab and balance treatments.  Forget the bright lights, loud music environment and difficulty finding a close parking spot with wheel chair accessibility; we've taken care of all the details so you can focus on your recovery.

Relieve Pain


Restore Function

"Jackie has done a fantastic job helping me manage my multiple sclerosis symptoms. PT has been a big benefit. I have been able to work in my garden a lot more which I couldn't do that before I started PT."

Renew Hope

"I am not bound down to being in the house. I can walk using the walker and my wife helps by holding onto my gait belt. My wife can't believe how much better I am walking. It makes me bubble inside to be able to do that now."

"I came to HNBC with severe neuropathy, burning and tingling pain in my feet and balance issues.  After a few sessions, the pain was so much relieved that I am now able to get to sleep at night."

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