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Physiotherapy Clinic

HNBC Occupational Therapy Services

Activities of Daily Living

We all have activities we want and need to be able to do each day, from dressing and grooming, to cooking and enjoying our favorite hobbies. OT’s help you practice those activities in the clinic so you have the confidence to do them at home. With a full kitchen, laundry, and bathroom set up, we will help you simulate your home environment to increase your independence.

Sensory Retraining

Touch, temperature, pressure, textures, and even smell, vision and hearing can change after neurologic events and some become hypersensitive to their surroundings while others lose sensation. These changes can not only be annoying, but also dangerous and disabling. We will help you to restore your sensory system and get you back to “feeling” better.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Having trouble picking up small objects or using your hands and fingers as you once did? Your hands are so important in allowing you to complete your everyday tasks, and we will help you use them more effectively.

Upper Extremity
Strength and Coordination

With many neurologic issues, upper extremity strength and coordination can be greatly reduced with spactivity and muscle weakness. We help to regain or maintain strength, reduce spasticity or tone, and improve coordination of movements, allowing more effective use of your upper extremity.

(Memory, Attention, Problem Solving)

Physical deficits are not our only concern here at HNBC as we know that cognitive changes can be just as debilitating to completing everyday tasks as physical ones. We train with people to improve or maintain attention, memory, and problem solving abilities to allow for greater independence.


Just as muscles and parts of the brain that control arms and legs can be affected with a neurologic event, so to can the muscles and parts of the brain that control vision. We work with people to improve scanning, reduce double vision, and improve the effects of visual field cuts and neglect.

Adaptive Equipment

Equipment and technology have made all of our lives easier. There are many tools available to help with things like ergonomics for workspaces, more efficient ways of dressing and cooking, and even clipping your nails or playing golf. We discuss what would be helpful to you and assist you finding where you can acquire these handy devices.

Pain / Fatigue

Chronic pain and fatigue can be a huge burden. We help address chronic and widespread pain with pain neuroscience education and establish fatigue/pain management programs that work with your nervous system to help make life more manageable.

Oncology Rehab

Whether you are in the midst of your cancer battle or have lingering symptoms from an earlier fight, we are here to help with problems like decreased range of motion and strength, scar tissue and radiation fibrosis, muscle and chest tightness, lymphedema, and the physical and mental fatigue and pain that you may be experiencing.

Ergonomic & Home Safety Evals

If you are seeing us for OT and we feel your home environment or work environment could be contributing to your problems, we can go to your home or work and evaluate your environment for safety or ergonomic setup.

Physically challenged Driver

Common diagnoses and symptoms treated in occupational therapy:

Common Diagnoses

  • CVA - stroke

  • TBI / concussion​​

  • ​Neurologic Disorders

    • Parkinson's ​disease

    • Multiple sclerosis

    • ALS

    • Myasthenia Gravis

    • Cerebral palsy

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Breast cancer / oncology

  • Amputations

  • Chronic pain

  • Brachial plexus injuries

  • Frostbite / burns

  • Upper extremity orthopedics

    • Carpal tunnel​

    • Trigger finger

Common Symptoms

  • Pain

  • Spasticity / tone

  • Decreased upper extremity

    • Range of motion

    • Strength

    • Fine / gross motor skills

    • Coordination

  • Sensory problems

  • Visual deficits 

  • Cognitive deficits

  • Lymphedema

We treat a wide variety of symptoms and diagnoses.  This is not an all encompassing list.  If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact us today!  You can call us directly at 406-285-8342 or email Chelsea Benitz, OT at

Our brains are dynamic - they have the ability to reorganize, restructure, and change if they are challenged appropriately!  Our staff employs the only board certified neurological physical therapist in the area who has the expertise in understanding the nervous system and the role it plays in movement and function.

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