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New Insoles

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the right decisions regarding braces and foot orthotics. There is no simple decision when it comes to bracing or the complex art of creating foot orthotics. We work with many brace companies (Breg, CTI, Bledsoe, Benik, Hely-Weber, DonJoy, and more) to ensure you get the proper brace for your injury.  Prior to placing orthotics in anyone’s shoes, our therapists perform a thorough evaluation of your entire lower body to ensure a good fit and that your foot problems will be addressed. We offer 3 lines of orthotics to match the severity of your symptoms and give you freedom to choose which price range best fits your individual needs.

Our clinic specializes in foot and ankle care and is one of our leading programs. Our therapists have received specialized training and receive regular updates to current concepts in rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders.  We focus on the relationship of the foot and ankle to the entire leg and the performance of these areas during walking, running, or normal daily activities.

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