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Some of the benefits of aquatic therapy range from compression of skin, muscles and joints which helps with circulation.  The warm water (excluding the Canyons pool) can also aide in relieving chronic muscle aches.  This treatment is also great for those that have arthritis, those who are overweight, back pain (including muscle spasms) and fibromyalgia.  Aquatic therapy can reduce joint stress making exercise less painful and easier to perform their exercises with a PT.

Aquatic therapy is available at Hamilton - Fairgrounds (heated), Darby (heated), Corvallis (heated), Stevensville (heated),  Frenchtown (heated), Canyons (not heated).  

Our Hamilton office on Fairgrounds Road boasts a Swimex 1000 pool with current generating capabilities. Depths are 4-6 feet with stairs and comfortable lift entry/exit into and out of the pool. We are able to generate .1 to 10 mph of current to make your rehabilitation more complete. Our pool and locker rooms are kept clean and warm for your pleasure.

Darby Physical Therapy (Fall of 2022), Corvallis Physical Therapy, Stevensville Physical Therapy, and Frenchtown Physical Therapy have the same state of the art aquatic centers with an integrated treadmill for advanced aquatic therapy.  Depths are 4′ 6″ with stairs and comfortable list entry/exit into and out of the pool.  Our pools and locker rooms are kept clean and warm for your pleasure.

Hamilton Physical Therapy at the Canyons has access to the Canyon’s Athletic Club 3-lane, 25-yard pool for any aquatic therapy needs.  These appointments will be made with the patient and receptionist at our Canyon’s Clinic at the discretion of your Physical Therapist.

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