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Functional dry needling is a treatment technique utilized for the treatment of pain and movement impairments caused primarily by muscle restriction. It is termed “dry” because there is no medication utilized within the needle when inserted into the muscle tissue. Research shows that dry needling provides another facet for physical therapy treatment by improving pain control, reducing muscle tension, and improving upon dysfunction caused by abnormal nerve impulses to the muscle.

When coming into therapy for dry needling one can expect that the affected area will need to be exposed for proper needle

insertion, once inserted needles may be left in the area for 10-30 minutes depending on treatment area and muscle tone, while needles are in the muscle multiple treatment techniques may be utilized depending upon patient and therapist preference and these include needle twisting and electrical stimulation to the needles. Once treatment has ended needles will be removed and patient will be encouraged to participate in normal daily activities.

Dry needling can be performed up to three times a week, but is generally performed one to two times a week. Insurance may be utilized to cover dry needling intervention in the clinic so check with your insurance provider prior to scheduling your visit.  We typically see that it is not a covered service by insurance companies.  Please note that cash pay is always accepted for those coming into therapy direct access.

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