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John Hoheim, DPT

General Orthopedics, Post Operative Care, Manual Therapy ACE Certified Personal Trainer, LSVT BIG (Parkinson's) Certified, Wellness and Prevention, Chronic Pain, Balance Programs, Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, Running Evaluations and Injuries

John earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy as a Graduate from The University of Montana in Missoula where he also completed his undergraduate studies. John has spent time residing all across America but was born and raised in Western Montana. Prior to and during his academic career John worked as a Certified Personal Trainer with an emphasis on injury prevention, movement screens and returning to activities post injury in the Missoula and Seattle areas. John has been immersed in healthcare his entire life through expanding access to healthcare services for others, exercise interventions and now Physical Therapy.  John has experience in the hospital and outpatient settings with orthopedics, sports, wellness programs, chronic pain, and post and pre operative care with a focus on evidence based practice.  John believes in utilizing the most current research and literature available to expedite recovery times and get his patients back to doing what they love as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


John is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and has a passion for reading, researching and expanding available effective interventions for his patients.  


In his personal time, John has a passion for the outdoors and spends his time with his wife and two wonderful children whitewater rafting, hunting, camping, mountain biking, skiing, reading and engaging in various creative outlets. 

Why did you become a Physical Therapist?

I decided to become a physical therapist because I have always loved healthcare, science, people and exercise.  I believe that though laughter is wonderful, exercise is the best medicine.  As a physical therapist I have a rare opportunity to meet my patients at a difficult time in their lives and help build real, lasting relationships as we work as a team to restore all of the amazing things they do and roles they fill.  I have been through PT myself and know how challenging it can be.  I knew I wanted to make that experience as effective and rewarding as possible for others.