Here at Hamilton Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of programs to fit patients specific needs.

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Hamilton Physical Therapy is proud to contract with Hamilton High School and Corvallis High School for providing athletic training services. Services include injury prevention education, preventative taping,first aid, first response to on field/court injuries, injury evaluations, and return to play decisions. Assistance is provided to both home and visiting teams. This service helps to make a safer environment for athletes and coaches, allowing coaches to focus more on their team responsibilities and helping athletes and families make better informed decisions on what to do when an injury occurs.




Our clinic specializing in foot and ankle care is one of our leading programs. Our therapists have received specialized training and receive regular updates to current concepts in rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders.  We focus on the relationship of the foot and ankle to the entire leg and the performance of these areas during walking, running, or normal daily activities.

LSVT BIG / Parkinson's

LSVT BIG is a research-based exercise approach developed Parkinson’s specific speech treatment LSVT LOUD.

The LSVT Programs have been developed and scientifically researched over the past 20 years with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Research on LSVT BIG has documented improved ratings on tests of motor functioning in people with PD following treatment.  Improvements include:

  • Faster walking with bigger steps

  • Improved balance

  • Increased trunk rotation


LSVT BIG is a standardized treatment protocol.


LSVT BIG treatment consists of:

  • 16 sessions: 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks

  • Individual 1 hour sessions

  • Daily homework practice

  • Daily Carryover exercise


LSVT BIG will help you establish a LIFE-LONG HABIT of BIG PRACTICE!


LSVT  BIG treatment:

  • Trains a single target of amplitude (bigger movements)

  • Drives intensive and high-effort practice

  • Teaches the amount of effort required to produce normal movements

  • Translates bigger movements into real-world, everyday activities

  • Empowers people with PD with their potential to improve!


LSVT BIG will teach you how to avoid inactivity and keep your movements ALIVE during everyday activities.  It will help you participate fully and improve the quality of your life!

Make the commitment today…

Don’t Lose it!  Use it!  And Improve it!


Our comprehensive team of expert physical therapists and physical therapist assistants will address your impairments due to disease or injury of the nervous system. We work collaboratively with you, your family, and referrers to establish your individualized goals for treatment. We focus on restoring your highest level of function and improving your overall quality of life.


Common Conditions Treated:

• Stroke                                             • Ataxia

• Multiple Sclerosis                           • Spasticity/Tone

• Parkinson’s disease                       • Central nervous system disorder

• Traumatic brain injury                     • Progressive neurological conditions

• Spinal cord injury


Our programs utilize the most up to date research to ensure patients receive the best quality care.


Out-Patient Neurological Programs:


• Balance and mobility training

• Activities of daily living retraining

• Fall prevention

• Vestibular training

• Assessment of home environment

• Pneu-Weight Body Weight Support System

• BIONESS electrical stimulation

• Aquatic therapy with easy access chair

• 1-on-1 treatment with licensed PT/PTA


Neurological Treatment May Include:

• Restore range of motion                  • Improve safety of transfers and mobility

• Improve functional movement         • Core stabilization
and strength

• Gait Training                                    • Activities of Daily Living

• Postural re-alignment                      • Balance re-training

• Decrease spasticity/tone                 • Prosthesis/orthoses training

Improve motor planning/control         • Equipment evaluation

Neurological physical therapy is extremely important for those patients who have had or who currently have neurological diseases or injury. Without neurological physical therapy following a neurological injury, patients may lose many functions and not be able to perform certain activities. Decreased intensity of activity leads to many other health problems such as decreased independence, lung problems, and overall poor quality of life.

Our specialized neurological team has received comprehensive training in the rehabilitation of patients who have been diagnosed with a neurological disease or injury.



Our specialized program for the treatment of women’s health issues is leading the way for women in western Montana. Our primary specialist is Sheri Stroppel, PT, OCS, CHT. Her vast experience and specialization along with a caring and compassionate approach will ensure a positive experience. Treatment for incontinence, lymphedema of the upper or lower extremity, and post mastectomy care are just a few areas we address in this comprehensive program.



Vertigo:  A style of Dizziness that causes the sensation of motion, usually spinning that can be caused by dysfunction of the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system.

BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo:  One of the most common causes of vertigo (the sensation of either you or the room in motion).  It is caused when small calcium crystals called otoconia become dislodged from a sac like area in the inner ear (utricle), into a sensitive tub area (semicircular canal).



Endurance athletes require a different set of rules. If you are reading this section you probably know what I mean. The most common complaint we hear is the first reaction by health care professionals is rest. That is the last thing most endurance athletes want to do. We are endurance athletes as well, and we understand what type of rehabilitation you need. Our therapists consistently run road races of all lengths including marathons. We also have therapists who regularly compete in triathlons. We work with you to understand the cause of the problem, how to remedy the problem and keep you training in a way that speeds your recovery, not slow it down. We can make recommendations regarding training programs and appropriate equipment and technique.



Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, our team of professionals will provide expert examination and treatment of your running-related issues.

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise.  The growth of local road races and marathons has continued to grow the running community.

Unfortunately, reports show 60-90% of all runners will suffer an injury each year.  And yet we continue to run for many reasons.

We understand the need to run.  Our team consists of runners that have completed 5k’s to Marathon’s to Ironman triathlons.  Our team consists of Board Certified Orthopedic and Sports Specialists.  Our running culture creates a level of understanding that will aid in your care.



  • Reduce the risk of injury

  • Recover from injury

  • Improve running form and efficiency

  • Improve running and race performance


The Runners Clinic provides the following services to help with your running concerns:

  • Full physical examination for assessment of strength, flexibility, balance, and foot structure

  • Video Analysis from multiple angles to evaluate running form and identify any biomechanical issues

  • Treatment Plan Development which may include:  Home exercise prescription, footwear considerations, orthotic treatment, physical therapy, and custom training plan.


DON’T let injuries or lack of a proper training program limit your running.  You can achieve a more comfortable, enjoyable, and injury free running experience working with our team.

OUR DESIRE is to provide you with a valuable experience that will allow you to achieve all of your running goals.

*The Runners Clinic is by appointment only*



Our spine center approach separates our family of clinics from other physical therapy practices. This program focuses on the latest research to guide our treatment plans to ensure you the most up-to-date techniques and procedures possible. We focus on neck, mid-back and low back pain. We provide manipulations, mobilizations, traction, use of modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, and exercise to speed your recovery.

Our therapists continue to pursue the best practice standards to only provide services that are proven most effective in current literature. We focus on patient education and instruction to help you self manage your condition as much as possible. If you have chronic or new spine pain, a visit with one of our therapists is sure to be beneficial.


    (Specialized Osteoarthritis & Total Joint Rehabilitation)


Our expert staff of licensed physical therapists and physical therapists assistants have received specialized, comprehensive training in the rehabilitation of patients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or have received total joint replacements.

The focus of our program is on hip, knee, and shoulder regions.  This program utilizes current research to ensure patients receive the most up to date approaches within evidence-based practice.


  • Patient Education

  • Skilled Physical Therapy

    • Home Exercise Program

    • Range of Motion

    • Strength Training



  • Patient Education

  • Aquatic Rehabilitation

  • Skilled Physical Therapy

    •  Range of Motion Activities

    • Strength Training

    • Balance Training

  • Activity Modification

  • Bracing, Orthotics, as needed


  • Patient Education

  • Aquatic Rehabilitation

  • Skilled Physical Therapy

    • Home Exercise Program

    • Range of Motion Activities

    • Strength Training

    • Balance Training

  • Activity Modification

  • Bracing, Orthotics, as needed

  • Pre/Post Surgery Education

  • Equipment Training/Fitting


We communicate with your physician to ensure an accurate treatment plan.

Home Treatment:

  • Immediate care provided after surgery as ordered by surgeon

  • Proceed with post-operative protocol


Out-Patient Therapy:

  • Proceed with post-operative protocol

  • Provide care until long term goals are achieved

  • Focus on patient independence with home program