1) What is Physical therapy and how can it help me? Physical Therapy is a medical specialty focusing on restoring your body back to pre-injury status. Our therapists are specialists in evaluating and treating musculo-skeletal problems. We provide a thorough evaluation to determine your specific problem and then design a program to help you recover quickly and completely. We can help you feel better and improve your quality of life.


2) How long is each session/visit? Our clinics typically complete a session in 30-60 minutes. The duration of each visit is determined by many factors including, injury severity, treatments required, fatigue, and any time constraints a patient may have.


3) What do I wear for therapy? We recommend that you bring gym type clothing such as shorts, t-shirt, sweats, and tennis/workout shoes. Depending on your type of injury, this type of clothing will allow for more comfort if you are exercising or if your therapist needs to access certain areas of your body such as your lower back or knee.


4) Can I choose which therapist I see? Definitely. We are here to serve you and choice is a primary component of successful rehabilitation. Although all of our therapists are expert trained , we understand if you prefer a male or female, or a therapist that a friend or family member has had good success with before. Just inform our friendly front office staff of your preference and we will schedule you with the therapist of your choice.


5) Do I need to see a doctor before coming to Physical therapy? No, the state of Montana does not require a doctors prescription for therapy prior to your evaluation. However, some insurances and Medicare/Medicaid require a signed doctors order for physical therapy prior to your first visit. We recommend calling your insurance company to check on their policy regarding this matter. The majority of our patients are referred with a doctors prescription and we work closely with them to ensure a seamless and comprehensive rehabilitation.


6) Does Physical Therapy Hurt? Our most common question. Our therapists are excellent in performing techniques that help you recover quickly but are also pain free. There are times when discomfort and soreness may occur but your therapist will communicate with you prior to any of these activities to explain why the procedure is necessary. You can be assured we will do everything possible to make your rehabilitation as comfortable as possible


7) Do I have to have insurance to have physical therapy? No. We accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, Discover). We offer a flexible payment plan. Our goal is to help you recover from your injury, we will be as flexible as possible financially to help make this possible while still following our legal binding contracts with insurance companies.