We'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Julie Kightlinger, DPT, CMPT, Kylie France, DPT, CMPT, and Cassandra Bartels, PTA on finishing 1st out of the women's teams competing in the Lake Como Triathlon this past weekend!

Our physical therapists have spent years learning about the human body and the strain it is put under enjoying the activities you love most. Some of their understanding comes from personal experience in many activities including running, biking, and swimming. Whether you are training for one of your favorite activities or developing a treatment plan for a sports related injury you will have confidence our physical therapists understand what your body needs.

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NEW ADDRESS AS OF FALL 2019:  420 Main St., Stevensville, MT 59870 

To schedule an appointment at our Stevensville clinic, please call

406-777-5354.  Referrals can be sent to fax number 406-777-5357

Great things are happening in Stevensville, Montana!  Our new Stevensville Physical Therapy clinic is currently underway and will be completed this fall.

Our state of the art building will boast a Hydroworx pool with an integrated treadmill for advanced aquatic therapy services.  Depths are 4′ 6″ with stairs and comfortable lift entry/exit into and out of the pool.  Our pools and locker rooms will be kept clean and warm for your pleasure.  The temperature of the water is generally kept around 90 to 92 degrees.

We are currently located at 212 Main Street and will be moving to 420 Main Street which is south of our current location in the Headwaters building.

Our amazing providers Ivan Peterson, DPT, CMPT, OCS and Arayna Hardcastle, DPT will be transferring into our new building so our patients will still get the great care they've been getting all along.  We look forward to continuing to serve our community and helping our patients reach their fullest potential!

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2019 Corvallis Memorial Day Parade

Corvallis Physical Therapy, P.C. has taken part in the annual Corvallis Memorial Day parade for at least the last 10 years.  We do so in support of not only our local community but also to honor the soldiers who never made it home after sacrificing their all for our country.  Every year, Monte joins us to help celebrate and create a fun event for everyone!

This year, Monte was so excited to be a part of the parade he was doing hand stands in our gym to get pumped up to meet the crowds!



Hamilton Physical Therapy, P.C. & Associated Clinics offered $5,000.00 scholarships this year for students seeking a profession in the healthcare field.  Students have been selected for 2019 scholarships for the following schools:

  • Darby High School

  • Hamilton High School

  • Corvallis High School

  • Stevensville High School

  • Florence High School

  • Frenchtown High School

  • Drummond High School

If you're an upcoming senior at one of these schools and will be furthering your education in the healthcare field, please be in touch with your school counselor for more information regarding future scholarships.  Best of luck to you all and congratulations to the class of 2019!!